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It started with an idea: to bring together two textile worlds to create synergies in the form of sustainable innovations for the future. The result came 2006, when the Innovation Initiative Smart Textiles saw the light of day.

The basic purpose of Smart Textiles is to develop, make available and put into practice textile innovations that can be used in innovative, commercial products in unexpected ways. The business is an engine when it comes to facilitating and creating new collaborations between research and business.

Smart Textiles is the link required for innovative solutions to emerge between the textile knowledge that exists in the business world and the research and education conducted at the University of Borås. Today, the business is as much a national as international concern, where Smart Textiles is the driving force in Sweden in the development of smart textiles.

Science Park Borås and Smart Textiles in Textile Fashion Center, Borås

Smart Textiles makes it possible for promoters to develop innovations that bring benefits for society and with textile processes as common denominator. Smart Textiles offers a unique opportunity to bring together different actors and stakeholders through meeting places
by offering an arena for new ideas, prototypes and products as well as national and international networking. The foundation that we rest upon is the competence that we have gathered and that we can credibly create a whole by merging hardware (production competence and prototyping) and software (research and know-how).

Through textile innovations, Smart Textiles contributes to a better world – seen from our mission in the field of societal benefit, international aspects and with the results that we generate. It is a matter of resource efficiency, sustainability and health/well-being, which is evident when we take advances in medical technology and architecture as an example.