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Research and innovation

With over 500 research and business projects since its inception in 2006, Smart Textiles is not only recognized as a motor in the Swedish textile industry, but is already established as an important international player.

Smart Textiles offers a unique research environment with a wide breadth. Here you can find everything from fiber technology to design and access to the full-scale, modern machinery of the Swedish School of Textiles with knowledgeable technicians. Since autumn 2013, Smart Textiles is part of the unique textile cluster in Textile Fashion Center within the University of Borås campus. There you will also find the Smart Textiles Showroom, where new materials, prototypes and products are displayed. Our Showroom also serves as a meeting place for both business and academia.

More than half of Sweden’s entire textile industry, as well as the industry’s largest logistical points, can be reached within 45 minutes. There are also entrepreneurial trading and logistics companies with old traditions that are willing to invest in new technology. Smart Textiles Partners are at the academic level, University of Borås (HB) and RISE among others. Swerea IVF and Chalmers have established new research on the industry.

Technology Lab

Within Smart Textiles it is in the Tech Lab, which it is lovingly shortened to, as innovative technological advances are made thanks to an open and inspiring academic environment. The ambition is to be the natural hub for nordic technical textile development.

The research is characterized by cross-border collaboration between different disciplines and companies, with a clear objective to develop new generations of textile products. The development of experimental technology research will in turn be driven by experimental product design, where product ideas become tools to ask questions, create solutions and find applications with.

Technology Lab has been established in collaboration with a wide range of national and international partners to maximise the repository of possible solutions and new perspectives. In the Tech Lab, the University of Borås collaborates with the Swedish School of Textiles and the Department of Engineering, Swerea IVF via RISE and Chalmers through the Department of Materials and manufacturing technology, research profile polymer materials and Composites.

Nils-Krister Persson
Tel: +46 (0)33-435 4283

Smart Textiles Design Lab

Smart Textiles Design Lab turns textile traditions and concepts upside down through experimental research on new, expressive materials and construction methods. The Design Lab also works to redefine textile design and the role of design itself by exploring new design variables and new dimensions of expression.

“We must allow this to take time, results do not always arrive overnight. And not always from where we expect them to”

– Lars Hallnäs, Professor at the Swedish School of Textiles

Research emphasizes and critically reviews our visions of where we are headed, and the ways in which new textiles and textile expressions will change our ways of working and living. The Design Lab explores both current and cutting-edge technology. Design, as a driving force, provides direction and meaning to technological development. Technology as a driving force provides the technical prerequisites and possibilities for development. This relationship between technology and design is fundamental to the collaboration between Smart Textiles Design Lab and Smart Textiles Technology Lab.

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Delia Dumitrescu
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