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From the
inside out

Clothing that monitors your health or measures your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle textile fibers and re-use them.

From the
inside out

Clothing that monitors your health or measures your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle textile fibers and re-use them.


2019-06-05 | News

Textile engeneers create green walls

Textile engeneering students Rebecca Cederhage and Rebecka Johansson presented their work Green walls at The Swedish School of Textiles on…

Nils-Krister Persson, docent
2019-05-24 | News

Textiles for deafblindness - one of several exciting EU projects

On May 7th, Science Park Borås organized a breakfast meeting on ongoing EU projects, as part of the information campaign…

2019-05-24 | News

Smart Textiles in the spot light at TechTextil

For the sixth time Smart Textiles invited visitors to an exciting experience in its stand at TechTextil in Frankfurt, one…

2019-05-02 | News

Super material graphene makes textiles alive

According to many peolple in the reasearch sphere graphene is a super material. Now, a project at Smart Textiles has…

2019-04-30 | News

New sustainable collection made in Borås

Berlin-based designer Nhu Duong launches a limited capsule collection produced by recycled workwear from Spendrup’s brewery. The collection is made…

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Focus Areas

Sustainable Textile

We prioritize sustainable development and work actively to integrate environmental work into all parts of our business. For us, aspects such as resource efficiency, longevity, recycling, quality and function is important words that we lead to action. We are convinced that the solution for a sustainable textile future lies in diversity.

Health and Medicine

We invest in research and development in areas where materials that can measure and monitor patients' health conditions are tested. Great benefits can be seen for both the patient and the health care system when the patient is given the opportunity to take greater responsibility for their own treatment. The connections to the sports area are strong as one sees clear links between a healthy sports life and reduced medical need.

Architecture and Interior

Within the focus area Architecture and Interior, Smart Textiles highlights the design and development of the border area between textile, architecture and interior design. Within the framework of the Science Park Borås and the platform Cirkular Hub, Smart Textiles is involved in and works for circular economy regarding textiles, fashion and interior.

About Smart Textiles

With over 500 research and business projects since its inception in 2006, Smart Textiles is not only recognized as an engine in the Swedish textile industry, but also established as an important international player.


Clothing that monitors your health or measures your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle textile fibers and re-use them.

In the future, the industry will move from being a fabric supplier to being a part of social development. Textile innovations that improve both people’s everyday lives and provide benefits for industry, healthcare and the environment. But innovations do not arise in a vacuum. An open environment is required where voices from many different backgrounds are met and conversations are without prejudice to finding both desired and unexpected solutions. Smart Textiles is the innovation environment in northern Europe.

Research, business, institutions and the public sector meet to find future solutions today. With a comprehensive offering, with everything from basic research to prototyping, Smart Textiles is the obvious partner when a textile idea is to be realized or a need is met with textile technology.


Jul 02

From abuse to re use – get in charge of your wardrobe

Almedalen 2 july Can clothing consumption be an addiction and how do we get out of it? Ten ordinary people…

Jul 02

200 tons a day - why do we burn up the fashion of the future?

July 2nd In Sweden, we throw 200 tons of textiles in the garbage. Every day. Most of it is burned.…

Sep 12

Textile Challenge 2 - Transparency and Brand Activism

September 12 Textile Challenge 2 Seminar and Workshop aims to provide insights and tools to build a thriving future for…

Smart Textiles Showroom

Smart Textiles Showroom is a place for meetings and knowledge. Here, you’ll find various textile materials and commodities samples developed within Smart Textiles’ various projects, as well as from the Swedish School of Textiles’s machinery parks and other interesting materials purchased from external manufacturers.