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Clothing that monitors your health or measures your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle textile fibers and re-use them.



Silver Label certification key to continued success for Smart Textiles

The success story of Smart Textiles continues. An approved ECEI SILVER Label “Dedicated to Cluster Excellence” audit under the European…

Moses visar airbag-byxor

Innovation and smart textiles move forward as EU projects wrap up

Pants with applied airbag technology, garments that monitor human joint movements, and gloves that enhance grip strength: these are just…


Design hackathon: ideas to change the fashion industry

A clean, fair, prosperous, and circular future for the textile and fashion industry is the goal. Textile & Fashion 2030’s…

illustration airbagjeans

Airbag jeans to reduce injuries in motorcycle accidents

For several years, we consumers have been able to buy and use products with applied airbag technology, for example, in…

Printscreen documentary about Suitceyes

Lovely film on touch and feeling as communication keys for persons with deafblindness

What does it mean neither to hear nor see, to be able to rely only on touch and feeling to…

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About Smart Textiles

With over 500 research and business projects since its inception in 2006, Smart Textiles is not only recognized as an engine in the Swedish textile industry, but also established as an important international player.

Clothing that monitors your health or measures your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle textile fibers and re-use them.

In the future, the industry will move from being a fabric supplier to being a part of social development. Textile innovations that improve both people’s everyday lives and provide benefits for industry, healthcare and the environment. But innovations do not arise in a vacuum.

An open environment is required where voices from many different backgrounds are met and conversations are without prejudice to finding both desired and unexpected solutions. Smart Textiles is the innovation environment in northern Europe.

Research, business, institutions and the public sector meet to find future solutions today. With a comprehensive offering, with everything from basic research to prototyping, Smart Textiles is the obvious partner when a textile idea is to be realized or a need is met with textile technology.

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Apr 26

Leading the transition to a circular textile & fashion industry

The Swedish national platform Textile & Fashion 2030 and the research program Circular Textile Innovations invite you to a day filled with good examples,…

Smart Textiles Showroom

Smart Textiles Showroom is a place for meetings and knowledge. Here, you’ll find various textile materials and commodities samples developed within Smart Textiles’ various projects, as well as from the Swedish School of Textiles’s machinery parks and other interesting materials purchased from external manufacturers.