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Sustainable textile

We prioritize sustainable development and work actively to integrate environmental work into all parts of our business. For us, aspects such as resource efficiency, longevity, recycling, quality and function are important concepts. The list of projects with sustainability focus can be done long and cover a wide range of areas. We are convinced that the solution for a sustainable textile future is in diversity.

In recent years, a number of projects in the field of sustainable textiles have been implemented. The research project Re:textile develops new design principles and production systems to enable circular flows in the textile industry. Other interesting projects where sustainability is central are shown, for example, by the Forest Fabric (Skogens Tyg) where the purpose is to take the next step in the development process towards a Swedish paper textile. The Government mission, to establish a national platform for sustainable fashion and sustainable textiles, Textile & Fashion 2030, consolidates the role of Smart Textiles as a enabler, catalyst and accelerator for the textile industry’s path to sustainability. The aim of the initiative is to establish a platform between players throughout the value chain in order to promote a transition to non-toxic and resource-efficient cycles in a circular economy.