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Much sought after hygiene product comes to market

Much sought after hygiene product comes to market

A new undergarment with integrated incontinence protection has come to the market. Smart Textiles and Wundies founder Lotta Williams have developed a new and significant way of increasing quality of life through functional fabrics.
The incontinence panties Wundies Foto: och Wundies

Incontinence is a taboo subject that few people are willing to talk about openly, even though it impacts both daily hygiene and mental health. Incontinence can occur in a range of situations, from in connection with exertion, like sneezing or laughing, to a sudden leakage without warning.

Lotta Williams, founder and owner of the underwear company Wundies, developed the products together with Smart Textiles, which has both developed materials and formulated a sustainable business model.

“This has felt like the most important product we have developed. Over the last few years, sustainability and the environment have become a hygiene factor for serious actors in the textile industry, and we can see it escalating from ‘nice to have’ to ‘need to have’. We are gaining more customers, and many of them say it is because our products make them feel nicer and more relaxed, but above all, that it is the right choice,” says Lotta.

Compared to temporary protection and its associated negative impact on the environment, Wunders and Smart Textiles have developed a thin and highly absorbent protection that is built into the actual garment and that can handle up to 80 ml of liquids. The underwear is also comfortable to wear and designed to handle 100 washes without loss of shape or comfort.

Watch a short video from Wundies about how it can be used (in Swedish):