ST-160 Converting Customized Non-Crimp 3D Fabric to Composite Component

Company: Prarthanaa Khokar

Addressing global warming and related environmental issues require a variety of solutions. One of them is use of lightweight and strong composite materials to lower fuel consumption and emissions. A new incubating venture, having its basis in textile technology research and market interest, is developing and manufacturing the first ever customized non-crimp 3D fabrics to required shapes and dimensions.

This specific project within the ongoing venture concerns the important step of converting the manufactured customized non-crimp 3D fabrics into composites and machining them to a variety of primary load bearing components, which otherwise is difficult to realize presently. Through this project it is aimed to verify the 3D fabric-to-composite component conversion process to enable advancement of not only the field of textile technology, but also build new knowledge and skills to stimulate new textile and composites research and innovative product development in Sweden.