Functional Styling

Project by Anna Persson and Linda Worbin in collaboration with Kasthall.

In Functional Styling, we designed three full-scale interactive carpets: Spår (Traces), Dimma (Foggy) and Glöd (Spark). The carpets are meant to exemplify various interactive textile expressions that could serve as inspiration for designers that aim to work within the field of expressive sensing and reacting textiles.


functional styling 1 Scenario, Spår (Traces)

As a person walks on Spår, the footsteps leave traces as white and turquoise light stripes in the carpet. Spår looks like an ordinary woven carpet but is able to show that someone is, or has been, walking by lately.


Functional styling 2Scenario, Dimma (Foggy)

Dimma is a tufted carpet combined with light sources. Due to surrounding light conditions, Dimma’s light-pattern is able to change into three different states. The intensity of the surrounding light influences the ambience of the pattern into a range of different expressions.


functional styling 3Scenario, Glöd (Spark)

Glöd is a carpet functioning as a mobile heat-source for heating up cold floorings. The carpet changes pattern due to the amount of heat-elements turned on at the moment.