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Woven light and smart textiles – an exhibition that changes perspectives on textiles

Textiles, optical fibres and LEDs are in focus at Barbara Jansen’s exhibition of the results of her PhD thesis in textile design – Composing over time, temporal patterns. In the exhibition, held at the Textile Museum of Sweden, textiles and technology are fused in a creative manner; light, sound and movement f orm a whole that becomes an experience for all of the senses.

– In the field of smart textiles, new working methods are constantly developed and give rise to new visions for what one can do regarding the textile design of the future, says Barbara Jansen, a doctoral student at the Swedish School of Textiles of the University of Borås and a Smart Textiles contributor.

Materials with the ability to react to movement or other changes in their surroundings and interact with users open for entirely new application areas for textiles in the future.

The ‘Temporal Patterns’ exhibition displays Barbara Jansen’s research within Smart Textiles, in which she has explored moving light in combination with textiles. Instead of using a two-dimensional textile that has a single pattern, Barbara has worked with light that creates movement and thus several different patterns. Here, textile objects in which optical fibres and LEDs have been integrated as active parts of the textile structure are displayed. The fibres light up or change colour in different combinations at intervals, which causes several different pattern compositions to emerge, one after another.

It is hoped that the exhibition will result in a new perspective on what textiles really are.
– New textile expressions can help others change their preconceived ideas, and give entirely new insights and interpretations of textiles, Barbara Jansen states.

‘Temporal Patterns’ is on display between February 17 and March 29 at the Textile Museum of Sweden at the Textile Fashion Center in Borås.
The exhibition is a collaboration between Smart Textiles, the Swedish School of Textiles and the Textile Museum of Sweden.

Watch the film from one of Barbara Jansen’s earlier exhibitions: