In March of 2010, she was given a lot of attention when her musical costume was on display at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. Jeannine Han, textile design master student, and Smart Textiles have, with Daniel Riley, worked on integrating music into textiles. On Tuesday the 21st of December she gradated, and her musical clothing is now on display at the Museum of Textile History.

In her master’s thesis, Jeannine Han has explored the relationship between colours and sounds, and developed a method where those can meet. With Daniel Riley, who handled electricity, she has developed four different suits. From her suits come sounds that can be associated with the visual impressions of the garment’s character.

The graduation was introduced by a performance where Jeannine Han and Daniel Riley each wore a ‘sound-suit.’

The suits are on display and can be ‘played’ at an extra exhibit at the Museum of Textile History, where Marjan Kooroshnia’s master’s thesis is also shown. She has been working with colours that react to heat.



The exhibits known as The Textile and Dash are shown between the 22nd of December and the 22nd of January at the Textile Museum in Borås. On the 22nd of January there is also a possibility of seeing Jeannine Han’s and Daniel Riley’s performance between 14:00 and 15:00 (2pm-3pm)