2011-04-08_milano_huvudbildTextiles find new expressions at the LIKE TEXTILE fair at the Milan Furniture Fair. Students and PhD candidates from the University of Borås demonstrate what textiles can be today. The textile tradition, innovative technology and poetic explosiveness shape contemporary textiles.

Smart Textiles, (un)beautiful textile, Integrity and Textibel are all projects and courses in textile design at bachelor, master and PhD levels at the Swedish School of Textiles. Projects that range from innovative product design to wanting to challenge our perception of what is attractive or repulsive in textiles.

Smart Textiles

Smart Textile Design Lab is a platform for experimental design research. New technology meets established knowledge and experience in textiles. Students, PhD candidates and researchers are all engaged in challenging what textile design aspires to be.

(un)beautiful textile

We all have our personal experience of textiles. That makes textiles materials that raise both positive and negative associations. Where do we draw the line between the attractive and the repulsive? That question was answered by the students taking the course (un)beautiful textile. A selection of the projects are now on display at the LIKE TEXTILE exhibit.


What can textiles do? Cooperating with Chalmers and the School of Design and Crafts, a parallel course in textile product design was created. Basing it on textile characteristics and expressions, functional products for a wide range of situations were developed.


Textiles that make a difference. That protect you. That send signals to the world. In common and uncommon situations. The course Integrity gives the students the chance to see the possibilities with textiles under challenging circumstances, like in an intensive city environment in Tokyo or exposed conditions on Svalbard. At those very locations, you get to try and develop new ideas that in different ways discuss survival and integrity.

We love textiles!


Smart Textiles Design Lab, in cooperation with furniture company IRE, has developed a footstool with changeable patterns.


  • The Swedish School of Textiles exhibits at Ventura Lambrate. Address: Via Sbodio n.9 – Via Massimiano n.6
  • Press exhibit Ventura Lambrate: 11th of April from 15:00-22:00 (3pm-10pm)
  • The exhibit is on between the 12th and 17th of April, 10:00-20:00 (10am-8pm)
  • You will find more information about what is on exhibit at http://liketextile.se

Contact: Marie Dreiman, professor of textile design, +46707103341

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