TPU utställning

The stage clothing of the future in the Smart Textiles Showroom

The Smart Textiles Showroom is a place for innovation, inspiration and creativity. Here, you will find textile innovations and prototypes constructed within Smart Textiles, but also temporary exhibitions of textiles and textile product development. At present, the exhibition ‘Artists in new textile expressions’ is on display in the Showroom. Come and experience stage clothing in new, pioneering designs.

The second year students on the Swedish School of Textiles’ ‘Textile Product Development and Entrepreneurship’ programme, together with exchange students from all over the world, have created the innovative stage clothing. One of the students, Rebecka Jörtsö, who also works in the Smart Textiles Showroom, hopes to be able to inspire others:
– We are delighted to be able to show some of our finished stage garments in the Smart Textiles Showroom. They are the end products of a course on this year’s theme of ‘Artist’. With these, we hope to be able to create interest in the possibilities that exist within the textile field and remain one step ahead, Rebecka says.

The students have conducted an in-depth study of ways in which to consider artists’ dress codes when creating new textile expressions. Some students have created new works for international artists such as Robyn and Sara Larsson, while others have chosen to come up with fictional artists.
All are welcome! The opening hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon to 3pm.