Nyhet P Bolund

The Minister for Financial Markets visits Smart Textiles

It was an interested Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs who visited the Smart Textiles Showroom last Friday. During a tour, Per Bolund (Green Party) was given a presentation of textile innovations and how research and business are a part of the development of products.

Smart Textiles’ Managing Director, Susanne Nejderås, held the presentation and showed, among other things, ‘The Yellow Dress’ – the world’s first garment made out of recycled cotton.

– A fantastic opportunity for the future, said Per Bolund, commenting on the process of recycling such a resource-demanding crop as cotton.

He was also impressed by the working methods employed by Smart Textiles, which have resulted in a large number of tangible products and prototypes.

The minister also listened to a presentation by Professor Karin M Ekström on the topic of the importance of consumer perspectives.