Smart Textiles Showroom

Garments that monitor your health, artwork that interacts with its surroundings and textiles that warn of danger. The Smart Textiles Showroom contains the research of the future, and textile products that provide a whole new perspective on what textiles can be used for.

During the first two years of its life alone, over 14,000 visitors experienced the Smart Textiles Showroom, where both the content and atmosphere is that of pure science fiction. What is on display, however, is cutting-edge research, consisting of very real textile prototypes, material samples and products – all of which are available on the market and have been developed under the umbrella of Smart Textiles. In the field of smart textiles, new working methods are developed continuously, creating new visions of what is possible. Materials that have the ability to react to various stimuli and interact with the user open up for entirely new application areas for the textiles of the future.The Smart Textiles Showroom is a pioneer in this context. Here, research and prototypes are made available, and shown in a new and ground-breaking way so as to inspire and show the way forward. Today, it’s a natural meeting place for businesses, innovators, researchers and the public, all of whom are able to find inspiration and ideas, or simply material for their imaginations.One new attraction for 2015 is the darkroom, with luminous textiles in woven and braided fibre optics – one example of when the border between textiles and technology becomes blurred, and our understanding of what a textile can be is expanded.


We who work in Smart Textiles Showroom

In Smart Textiles Showroom you´ll find Anna Berglund and Linda Nydén from Smart Textiles during opening hours Wednesday-Thursday 12:00 to 15:00.


Anna and Linda can give you a guided tour in Smart Textiles Showroom.

  • Öppettider i Smart Textiles Showroom: Onsdagar och Torsdagar 12:00-15:00.

    Opening hours in Smart Textiles Showroom are Wednesdays and Thursdays 12pm-3pm.

    Onsdagen den 19 september är Smart Textiles Showroom stängt.
    The Smart Textiles Showroom will be closed Wednesday September 19th.

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    Book external visits through at least two weeks in advance
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