coaxial cable5

Textile coaxial cable

How does one sew cables into clothing in an easy way? Using textiles, of course! The idea – surrounding the cable with braided textile material – is both easy and brilliant. It is then easy to sew using the textile itself, which protects the cable to a certain degree.

A unique coaxial cable, made entirely of textiles and which can also be washed! Coaxial cables can transmit radio waves and are often used as antenna cables for TVs. Unlike traditional cables, which have a conductor of thick metal, the textile coaxial cable is thin and flexible. This is made possible because all of the parts, even those that conduct electricity, are made of yarn, which makes it pliable and bendable. The construction is also easy to integrate into garments. In the future, when you will be able to stream a YouTube clip to a screen that is integrated in your clothes, it will be done using a textile coaxial cable!

Researcher: Li Guo