abinitioTechnical textiles from all over the world

Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. The complete global market of the future textiles technical textiles will be showcased at the most important forum for the industry. Here you were able to discover new materials and innovative concepts at this years fair in the middle of june.

The interest of Sweden and of Smart Textiles is very high. Even this year, like last time, Smart Textiles together with Swereaand TEKO organized a joint stand for the companies interested and found advantages in coordinating and creating synergies. This was a very successful event with great commitment and energy from all participating companies as well as from all visitors.

The companies that joined the arrangement were Aqwool AB,Jirotex AB, Abinitio and FOV Fabrics AB. The stand was very popular, both with pre-booked meetings, where FOV scored the record, and with spontaneous visitors. The organizers Swerea, TEKO and Smart Textiles received great feedback and many questions about research and development of future textiles. On-site staff were the Swedish School of Textiles represented by researchers and administrative staff, researchers from Swerea and the entire management TEKO. Espira had one of the coaches of the incubator at sight who supported business and took a chance to learn about the textile world and its values.


The trade fair in pictures

Smart Textiles had a joint stand with med Acqwool (the picture above), Swerea IVF, TEKO, Abinitio, Jirotex och FOV. All the companies are sucessful in technical textiles.

TEKO invited to mingle, champagne and strawberries at the Swedish stand.

From left: Helga Aiff, abinitio AB and Marie Richardsson, Espira is happy to be in Frankfurt. Jarl Gustafsson, Jirotex is working the technology. Patrik Axelsson, Gefa i Tranemo and Mats Svenbe, TST Sweden get good ideas together.

Urban Olsson from Svensk Konstsilke were also at the trade fair.

Many contacts were made in FOV Fabrics stand by pre-booked appointments, as well as spontanous visits.