The t-shirt senses your motions 

Together with Smart Textiles, the research institute Imego has developed t-shirts registering motion patterns. Four runners tested the t-shirts during the running competition GöteborgsVarvet in May.
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The sensor t-shirts were originally developed for medical purposes. Primarily to diagnose neurological disorders such as epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. The motion sensing system, developed by Imego, has been adapted to allow integration into a t-shirt. The system registers the wearer’s motions and this data provides the doctor with a better foundation on which to make decisions regarding treatment of patients.

– Today, the patient goes through tests at the hospital in connection to visiting the doctor. However, everything the doctor has to go on concerning the way the patient function in his/her everyday life is the subjective account of the patient. Objective data would provide the doctor a much better basis on which to decide on a proper treatment. The reason why we chose to integrate the components in a t-shirt was that it was a simple solution to the measurement situation because everyone wears clothes, Jan Wipenmyr at Imego explains.

One part of EVINN

Because Imego and Smart Textiles are involved in the EVINN project, the aim of which is to use technical innovations in combination with sports to attract international sports events to the region around Skagerack and Kattegatt, it was decided thta the t-shirts would be tested during GöteborgsVarvet.
– We have an idea that the components may also be used by runners, partly to enable the audience to follow the runners’ motions during the competition and also to be able to analyse different running styles afterwards.
– The runners who used the t-shirts weren’t at all bothered by the electronics, so the test was a success. However, we haven’t had the time to analyse the data yet, Jan Wipenmyr says.

The sensor t-shirt is still only a prototype and the next stage is to perform measurements in medical contexts.

Footnote: The project is carried out within the Smart Textiles Prototype Factory. Read more about this kind of project