The Swedish School of Textiles the first to step through the doors at Sweden’s new textile district 

In August 2013, the Swedish School of Textiles opens up the gates to Sweden’s new textile district: the Textile Fashion Center. Many of the buildings date back to the golden age of the textile industry in Borås and now, the future moves into the old factory buildings of AB Svenskt Konstsilke – in the shape of several of the players in the textile and fashion business.
– The Swedish School of Textiles has long worked to become a hub for the Swedish textile cluster. Now, we have a physical place where we can gather all the players, says Eric Bresky, Head of School at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

The move across town takes place in the summer of 2013. Machines are dismantled and reassembled at the new address in the Textile Fashion Center. Students, researchers and staff at the Swedish School of Textiles will have four of the storeys at their disposal in the magnificent factory building, which has been rebuilt to become a modern meeting place well suited for the various activities of the textile and fashion business.

– The Textile Fashion Center is a foundation for better collaboration as the buildings will allow the business community and academia to meet on common ground. It will become a manifestation of the collaborations we have already established with for example the business community, Erik Bresky says.

New buildings strengthen research

Since 1989, the Swedish School of Textiles has resided in another building which also has fine old traditions from the golden age of textile manufacturing in Borås, namely Algot’s in Bryggaregatan. One effect of moving to the Textile Fashion Center is that the School comes closer to the rest of the University of Borås, creating a unified campus. Decreasing the geographical distance to the other School will in turn facilitate the works of an interdisciplinary nature already initiated by the Swedish School of Textiles.
– Moreover, the Swedish School of Textiles has expanded rapidly over the past few years and we will finally have buildings and spaces adapted to all of our activities. One new feature is the polymer research laboratory together with the School of Engineering, which strengthens technical research at the University.
The Swedish School of Textiles closes the doors to its current address in Bryggaregatan on the 9th of June and opens again at the Textile Fashion Center on the 1st of August.
Vision images: Sweco, DTH Arkitekter AB

Textile Fashion Center

The Textile Fashion Center is a unique creative arena. A place for science, culture, innovation, and trading and a meeting place for people, knowledge and business. The goal of the Center is to consolidate investments in the textile cluster in the Borås region and to develop collaborations at the regional level in West Sweden. The creative collaboration between the business community, academia, municipalities and other parts of society will contribute to continued sustainable growth in the area and create an excellent foundation for future development. 
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Opening of the new Swedish School of Textiles on the 17th-19th October

17th of October – a day for specially invited guests and the press
18th of October – a day for all staff and students at the University of Borås 
19th of October – a day for the public

Anniversary book

Today it is exactly 30 years since the Swedish School of Textiles became part of the University of Borås. This is celebrated in an anniversary book telling the story of the development the textile educations have undergone over the years. The anniversary book, Kunskapens trådar (Threads of Knowledge), is written by Annie Andréasson as an interview and will be released in connection with the opening of the new buildings of the Swedish School of Textiles in the Autumn of 2013.