STP8 Textile Form Pressed Furniture

Company: Fredrik Färg
Project Manager: Fredrik Färg
Project Time: 2009-03-26 – 

This developing project consist of creating methods for ready-made furniture within self supporting textiles, without having to use expensive forming tools and presses.

The project starts from thermoplastic reusable polyester felt that, by its unique composition of melt fibers and needle felt materials, are being pressed to any thinkable shape.

The disadvantage with today’s processing techniques is that forming tools to create form pressed products are big investments for a producer, which means long series for the product to become beneficial. The project is about solving this particular problem; to create furniture without expensive forming tools. The working process gets inspiration from the tailor industry’s principals, proportions and common cases, to create complicated 3-dimensional structures that look natural and simple, like classical male fashion.