STP5 Nano Fiber for Wound Care Products

Company: Mölnlycke Health Care AB
Project Manager: Jonathan Kelley
Project Time: 2006-12-15 – 2009-06-30

Mölnlycke has a continuous need for developing existing and new wound care products for increased added technical value the purpose with the project is to integrate designed nano fibers in chosen products from Mölnlycke’s assortment. In the products, the nano fibers shall contribute with an increased technical value and thereby contributes to better quality and increased competitor strength for Mölnlycke. A number of ideas exists today on how Mölnlycke can use nano fiber to raise the clinical and technical value and qualities at existing products. An idea is based on producing a bacterial killing nano fiber tissue, designed to give a unique and predictable release of the bacteria killing substance. For another product, the designed nano fiber cloth will act smart and stimulate wound healing by releasing an extra cellular matris protein.