STP4 Polymer Based Filter for Ozone Cleaning

Company: Scandfilter AB
Project Manager: Thomas Karlsson
Project Time: 2008-06-09 – 2009-12-31

Sweden has an environment quality goal called “Fresch Air”. The goal with this is that “The air shall be so clean that human health as well as animals, plants and culture is not being harmed”. To reach this goal, threshold values for pollution are set. These threshold values I being supervised continuous of Sweden’s municipalities. Every year, a summary is made with the measured results by IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute). A valuation of the country’s position to reach the goals for clean air is also being made. The hardest threshold values to reach are particles, nitrogen oxide and Ozone. A study made at the University of Texas [1], show that certain polymer based filter has a great reduction of ozone (20-40%). This effect is not being shown on other types of filter material.