STP2 Latta Hybrid, Self Carrying Textile Material in Furniture

Company: Anna von Schewen
Project Manager: Anna von Schewen
Project Time:


The Latta project started out as an experiment to create a soft and comfortable sitting piece of furniture without a lot of upholstery material. The goal is to decrease the use of material, to get a low weight, as well as a light expression. The starting point was a construction of a corset, consisting of stiff but flexible ribbons, held together by a textile fabric. Experiment with the constructions of the ribbons, for example feather steel, glass fiber, titan and press shaped wood has led to a construction built upon press shaped wooden ribbon being thread into a channel sewed textile. This construction provides a chair supporting the sitting person at the same time as it follows the shape and movement of the body. The putting together, like threading the ribbond into the textile, is however hard and time consuming. Since the ribbons are curve shaped, they all have to be threaded into the textile all at once.