ST-180 Investigation of the effect of mechanical demolition and following treatment on spinnability of recycled materials

Company: Swerea IVF

Methods of mechanical regenerate fibers has been the same for a long time and involves mechanical separation of fabric using textile cutters. The process breaks the fibers into shorter lengths and produces a coarser yarn. For mechanical recycling of textile materials the quality of the recycled material determines by the length of the fibers and the degree of degradation. The fiber quality is a problem in the mechanical recovery as the material in the use phase breaks down to some extent when the material is torn. It takes a further impact on the material regarding the fiber length when the fabric and yarn appears apart. This means that the recycled material can have a large variation in the fiber length. The project strives for increased knowledge regarding the control of mechanical demolition of the textile and manufacturing processes for maximum fiber length and quality of yarns and products. The project intends to see the opportunities to gently tear textile materials and look into what equippement is needed for the purpose. In addition, the project wishes to see on methods for characterization of shredded material to thereby be able to predict the quality of the shredded material and assess the spinnability.