ST-174 Textiles Back to Textiles

In the project “Textiles back to textile”, technologies, recycling and production ties together to enable recycling towards a circular economy in the textile industry. Textiles may be fully recyclable in the future and, just like paper, consist of a mix of old and new fibres. This also entails adjustments to the industry as early as the design stage, as one has to plan for recycling by, for example, using fewer different materials in a garment. In 2014 the world’s first knitted garments from recycled cotton – a unique breakthrough showing that by a completely new technology is possible to create a cycle of textile fibers. Now, the next generation is developed – a material blend of recycled cotton and cellulose from the Swedish forest, which means that Sweden can actually speak of locally produced textiles.

The project is a collaboration between: Smart Textiles, re:newcell, Wargön Innovation/Innovatum, Nudie Jeans, Södra Skogsägarna,  Textilhögskolan, Klättermusen, KTH, IL Recycling, Röda Korset, Ragn-Sells, Högskolan Väst, Innventia, Vänersborgs kommun,  Akademiska Hus och Svenskt Konstsilke.