ST-165 Waterproof and fluorocarbonfree textiles

Company: Organoclick AB

The materials and chemistry company OrganoClick develops environmentally friendly and waterproof functional fabrics together with Swerea IVF and Smart Textiles. Waterproof functional textiles are frequently used in sports and outdoor clothing where consumers place high demands on function and quality. Today, most of these textiles contain fluorocarbon and it has in recent years shown that many fluorocarbons have very negative effects on the environment and people’s health. Among other things, fluorocarbons does not decompose in the nature. Many types lead to hormone disruption in animals, decreased fertility, cancer and stillborn progeny. They also affect humans when levels are high. The goal of the project is to develop waterproof function textiles that are completely free of fluorocarbons but at the same time maintain good function and quality so that textiles can be used in sports and outdoor clothing.