ST-152 Fluorocarbon-free Functional Textile

Company: Organoclick AB

The innovation company Organoclick AB develop environmentally friendly, functional textiles with water-repellent properties in collaboration with Swerea IVF and Smart Textiles. Such textiles are frequently used to make workwear, sportswear and leisure wear. The aim of the project is to offer textile manufacturers and fashion brands a water-repellent textile finishing which is entirely free from environmentally harmful fluorocarbons and isocyanates. Fluorocarbons are substances which take several thousands years to break down in nature and which are also very similar to some of the hormones of animals and humans. Studies have shown that many fluorocarbons cause hormonal disturbances in animals such as decreased fertility, cancer and stillbirths. Because of the slow rate of breakdown of fluorocarbons, they accumulate in nature and travel long distances from their places of manufacture and use. That is why it is of utmost importance for the use of fluorocarbons to decrease as soon as possible in order to avoid serious threats to the environment and prevent the accumulation of fluorocarbons in sensitive ecosystems from reaching critical levels.