ST-124 Yarn Treatment for PUR Composites

Company: AB Svenskt Konstsilke (SKS)
Project Manager: Urban Olsson

SKS, with a niche in yarn manufacturing for soft rubber composite reinforcement, is now looking to expand its field to include polyurethane composites. Development work is initially done with partners that are world leaders in technology development in the paper and machine industry, where requirements for soft composites are extremely high. Yarn treatment is a key factor as it regulates handling properties in textile machines, yarn composition in handling, softness, adhesion and dynamic exhaustion properties in the end product. With optimised yarn treatment, the road is paved for taking advantage of the new high module fibres in soft composites. Hybrids between different fibres are likely in future constructions in new and more advanced yarns. Other industries where advanced soft composites are used in key functions have shown interest, and products in that field will be developed once the groundbreaking work in the paper industry is done.