ST-112 Test Method for Moisture Evapuration

Company: AB Ludvig Svensson
Project Manager: Hans Andersson

AB Ludvig Svensson develops, produces and sells weaves for use in large-scale cultivation greenhouses, and the company is world leading in the field. An important characteristic for weaves of that kind is the ability to let the excess moisture generated by greenhouse plants and soil evaporate. For efficient product development of new innovative weaving products it is therefore important to be able to measure that characteristic. There are several established methods for measuring moisture evaporation through different materials. There is not, however, a method suited to the special conditions and moisture transport mechanisms that apply to weaves in a greenhouse. For that reason, a project that involves AB Ludvig Svensson and Swerea IVF was started, aiming at developing a measuring method that is designed to measure the moisture transportation abilities of greenhouse weaves under realistic conditions.