ST-106 “Cullus” Industrial knitted Sound Absorbants

Company: AB Initio
Project Manager: Helga Aiff
Project Time: 2009-04-29 – 2009-08-31

The “Cullus” material is the result of a development project that started in 2002 at the University of Borås, Sweden. The goal was to offer architects and decorators an alternative material to existing acoustic boards to create a healthy acoustic environment. University of Borås put resources at disposal where Ulla Eson Bodin and Folke Sandvik cooperated with a focus to produce knitted wall elements and free ceiling hanged room dividers in sculptural, 3-dimensional shapes. The need for new sound absorbing solutions is big where esthetic and functional needs like fire safety, look, weight, shape ability and manageability are taken into consideration.

The starting point was to develop a material of flame toughened yarn with a melting component to be able to design a material that has certain stability and that is equivalent to the fire safety requirements for public spaces. Cullus was patented in 2006.