ST-107 Smart Textilies’ influence in the Human Body

Company: TST Sweden AB
Project Manager: Per-Arne Andersson

PCM (Phase Change Materials) material in clothing brings qualities that increase the possibilities to create a good heat balance in shifting external environments. The needs are however very different. A surgeon who operates for six hours, a firefighter in smoke for thirty minutes in 150-250  °C, or a skier in  0 till -10 °C all have different needs. PCM material can contribute to cooling the body in warm environments or to warming the body when it’s cold. However, this demands that the PCM material’s qualities and the constructions of the clothing are optimal for the concerned use. The knowledge how to do this is limited and up until now it has been carried out through “trial and error” methods. The purpose with the project is to analyze the needs in different situations and to develop PCM material and clothing optional for different use. A database consisting of PCM material with essential qualities and their function in different applications is being created.