Glad sommar

Smart Textiles wish you a happy summer!

In the last days we got some exciting news about two successful applications. Smart Textiles transition phase application to Vinnova is granted. Furthermore, an application to the Swedish Textile Research Foundation, aimed for a long-term cooperation, has been granted.

This means that Smart Textiles now are moving into a new and exciting phase to create future solutions and future generation’s textiles. VINNOVA’s decision has been based in statements from international experts. They confirm that the results from Smart Textiles operations under the years 2006-2016 are impressive.

“The rate of renewal achieved in a sector and region that was weakened by decades of restructuring and manufacturing relocation can be considered very significant. Several dimensions of renewal and innovation have been successfully addressed in the first 10 years”, can be read in the decision.

“It feels fantastic and I am extremely proud and happy. Getting these applications granted feels as a milestone where Vinnova and the industry believes in what we do”, says Susanne Nejderås, operations manager at Smart Textiles.

We at Smart Textiles want to wish you all a wonderful summer and are at the same time looking forward to an exciting autumn with many exciting new projects and collaborations!