Well-attended exhibition booth and award-winning projects at TechTextil


May 9-12 Smart Textiles participated in the TechTextil trade fair in Frankfurt, one of the world’s leading technical textile fairs. In a well-visited exhibition area, products and prototypes were displayed from different projects as well as research work from the Swedish School of Textiles. During the fair the Future Textiles Awards were also presented, where two of Smart Textile’s partners were awarded.



Smart Textiles participated for the fifth year and demonstrated products and prototypes in all of their three focus areas – health and medicine, sustainable textiles, architecture and interior. The exhibition area contained an exciting mix of prototypes, products and research. Visitors ranged from companies and institutes to students and journalists. Susanne Nejderås, Managing Director at Smart Textiles, estimates that around 700 visitors per day visited the Smart Textiles area.

– We are very pleased with the response we have received about our booth and what we have shown. There is a great interest in the research performed by Smart Textiles and the Swedish School of Textiles and we definitely feel that we are at the forefront with the projects we conduct together with our partners. Through our participation at TechTextil, we can spread information about our results and create new contacts, as well as collect knowledge about the latest in technology and materials – which can lead to new ideas and collaborations, says Susanne Nejderås.

Delia Dumitrescu, responsible for Smart Textiles Design Lab and recently installed Professor in Textile Design at University of Borås, also participated in the booth together with design colleagues from the Swedish School of Textiles. They showed parts of the research conducted at the Swedish School of Textiles and in the Smart Textiles Design Lab in terms of materials that give new perspectives on textile design techniques. Visitors could see textile prototypes that, through 3D printing, take on  different shapes, thermochromic color printing, textiles where nature’s elements changed the expression of the material and woven textiles with integrated plant seeds growing in the textile. Several of the projects are part of the international network and research program ArcIn Tex, initiated by the University of Borås.

In conjunction with the fair, winners of the Future Textiles Awards were also presented, where Smart Textile’s partners Inuheat Group AB and PressCise AB won great awards for the products developed with Smart Textiles. Both companies’ products can be viewed in the Smart Textiles Showroom. Also read more in our news about the Future Textiles Awards here.



About TechTextil
TechTextil (where TechProcess is included) is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for technical textiles. This year’s fair had 1,789 exhibitors and 47,500 visitors from 114 countries. Read more about TechTextil2017 here.


Text & Image: Malin Carlsson
In the top image, from the left: Susanne Nejderås and Delia Dumitrescu.