Smart Textilesresearchers Fernando Seoane and Javier Ferreira won the title “Best Poster” 2012-12-10_best_poster_forskare at a conference held in the USA. The poster illustrates the research process for Elektrodress, which has been conducted together with Inerventions AB.

Fernando Seoane and his team was awarded the title at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference held in the USA on the 6th and 7th December. The poster was titled “Stretchable Circuit Board technology enabling Seamless Textile-Electronic Integration for Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy”.

The jury’s motivation was: “The work has been selected as Best poster because its novel approach in integration of electronics on fabric for a healthcare application, the prototype demonstrated utilizes a conventional PCB grade copper foil and is laminated onto a thermoplastic, fusing textile & electronics technologies” .


– This is the first result of the synergy effects in the Knowledge Foundation funded project “Elektrodress”: “Seamless Textile-Electronic Integration” and the project “Design of Textile Electronic Solutions for Garments in Health Care”, which are funded both by VINNOVA and the Smart Textiles Initiative, Fernando Seoane says and adds:

– Christmas came early this year!

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