Smart textiles offers new ways to look at textile and technology

Electrically conductive fibers, sensors measuring medical processes or textile in the ground measuring Earthquakes. Smart textiles are versatile and offer new ways to look at textile and technology.

Are you curious about the future of textile materials and what’s possible? Smart Textiles researcher Nils-Krister Persson talks about smart textiles, its uses, opportunities and challenges at the radio program Clara Henry I P3”. Listen to the interview here.

We know from experience that solutions by textile processes can be applied successfully in many industries, with astonishing results. With over 450 research and corporate projects, 209 prototypes, 50 start-ups and over 60 products at the market since its inception in 2006 are Smart Textiles now entering the next level to create more innovations with textile processes as a red thread.

We look forward to an exciting and eventful host!