Smart Textiles skapar framtidens textila material i Borås – en stad som varit centrum för den svenska textilindustrin sedan mitten av 1800-talet.

Smart Textiles creates the textile materials of the future in Borås – a city that has been the centre of the Swedish textile industry since the mid-nineteenth century

Today, Borås is home to a textile cluster that has its roots in the city’s history. There is a long tradition of high textile competence and a favourable climate for textile production. Through Smart Textiles, research and industry are linked in order to initiate projects that drive the textile industry towards the future. Since its inception in 2006, Smart Textiles has run more than 450 research and company-driven projects. Artificial blood vessels made of textiles, materials that interact with their surroundings and a dress made of energy-saving fabric: These are only some examples of the textile innovations that have been developed. The possibilities are endless.

Smart Textiles wishes you a pleasant weekend, and offers a suggestion for reading material courtesy of GT Expressen.