Smart Textiles at the  UN climate Change Conference Cop 22

One of the last year’s most talked about event was the UN climate conference in Paris that ended with a global climate agreement. This years climate conference takes place in Marrakesh, Morocco, 7-18 November. Smart Textiles and The Swedish School of Textiles is involved in organizing a seminar on how the future textiles may contribute to global environmental efforts.

During the annual climate conference representatives from the UN countries gather to discuss and establish the climate goals. While COP20 in Lima in 2014 passed into history for negotiations and COP21 in Paris for decisions, COP22 in Marrakech expects to become the climate conference which focuses on actions to achieve the ambitious objectives of the global climate agreement that the UN countries agreed in Paris. During COP22 in Marrakech ministers, world leaders and representatives from business and civil society gather to find innovative solutions to address climate change and its effects. Smart Textiles and The Swedish School of Textiles is there to meet the challenges and opportunities surrounding the future of textiles.

The textile industry is one of the world’s largest industries. Production of textiles over the years has contributed to significant environmental problems, particularly through the water pollution production leads to but also the use phase with regular washings and waste phase of incineration or recycling affect the environment.

– All people have a relation to textiles. In all stages of life, of all ages and in all cultures and countries, there are textiles. At the same time it is well known how textile production negatively affect the environment. Efforts in textiles can be both important in itself and serve as a model for other areas, says Nils Krister Persson, researcher at Smart Textiles.

There is a strong focus within the industry to reduce the environmental impact and to create textile products which offer environmental benefits. Much of the development takes place within the individual companies, or partnerships with other industries and universities. Smart Textiles is proud to be a part of the development towards a more sustainable textile industry. UN climate change conference underway Cop 22 in Marrakech, 7-18 November.