Smart medical textiles revolutionize health care 

Textile blood vessels, clothes that measure heart rate and a full-body suit that increases the mobility of disabled children are examples of projects about to be realized. By using new and smart textiles for medical applications, new opportunities a created in the health care sector. Now, Smart Textiles and MedTech West work together in a new competence centre to strengthen development in the field.Ygraft

The newly founded collaboration have already put a number of projects aiming to achieve simplified processes and cost reductions into motion; a less complicated health care process to the benfit of both the patient and the care personnel means more cost effective treatments.

– The future poses a great challenge to all parts of the health care system. Huge demands will be made both for increased funding and for an increased share of the workforce to be employed in the health care sector. The single most important way of solving the equation is to increase the collaborations between academia, the health care sector and the business community, says Jan Eriksson, CEO at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and continues:

– The collaboration between MedTech West and Smart Textiles is one example of such an initiative. More intensive collaborations will contribute to increased and rapid development of technical solutions for a better health care, which will in turn lower expenses and the need for more personnel.

Seminar on the 13th of March

To inspire and spark ideas, a seminar held at the Swedish School of Textiles on the 13th of March will present several of the on-going projects within MedTech West and Smart Textiles and participants will be given a chance to try their hand at integrating electronics and textiles.

The collaboration between MedTech West and Smart Textiles strengthens research and development in the field of medical technology and textiles. It is an important part of the endeavor to promote Life-Science currently carried out in the Västra Götaland region. One of the overall objectives of this endeavor is for the Västra Götaland region to become the leading region in research and development of Life Science in ten years’ time.

Date and time: Tuesday the 13th of March 12:00-18:30 (presentations 13:20-14:20)
Place: Galleriet, Swedish School of Textiles, 17 Bryggaregatan, Borås

Footnote: The seminar is booked out.