Technology Lab

Within Smart Textiles, it is at the affectionately nicknamed Tech Lab that innovative, technological progress is made, owing to an open and inspiring academic environment. The lab aims to become the natural hub for development of technical textiles in the Nordic countries.


The research carried out is characterized by collaborations across disciplines and companies and also by the clear objective of creating new generations of textile products. In turn, technological development through experimental research will be driven by experimental product design, where product ideas become tools for asking questions, creating solutions and finding applications.

Technology Lab was established in collaboration with a large number of national and international partners in order to maximize the supply of possible solutions and new perspectives. At Tech Lab, the University of Borås collaborates through The Swedish School of Textiles and the School of Engineering, Swerea IVF through the department Textiles and Plastics, the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology through the Department of Materials and Manufacturing Technology, research profile Polymer Materials and Composites.

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