Design Lab

Smart Textiles Design Lab turns textile traditions and concepts upside down through experimental research on new, expressive materials and construction methods. Design Lab also works to redefine textile design and the design role in itself by opening up for new design variables and new dimensions of expressions.

Research tries to emphasize and critically review visions of where we are going, the way in which the new textiles and textile expressions are to change our way of working and living. Design Lab explores currently available technology and also asks for new technology. As a driving force, design provides direction and meaning to technological development. Technology as a driving force also provides the technical prerequisites and possibilities for development in design. This mutual relationship between technology and design is also foundamental to the collaboration between Smart Textiles Design Lab and Smart Textiles Technology Lab.



  • Design Lab collaborates with Smart Textiles and is part of the Swedish Shcool of Textiles.

  • “We must allow this to take time, results do not always arrive overnight. And not always from where we expect them to”

    - Lars Hallnäs, Head of Design Lab