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re:newcell opens recycling plant in Kristinehamn

Smart Textiles’ partner re:newcell AB has begun building a climate-smart demonstration facility in Kristinehamn. An entirely new technique makes it possible to produce new fibre material from textile refuse. Wargön Innovation and Re: newcell AB has for years worked towards the goal of a pilot plant for the company’s technology for the recycling of cotton fibers .

Smart Textiles is proud to have developed the world’s first dress made of recycled cotton – ‘The Yellow Dress’ – in collaboration with re:newcell. Now, it will be possible to produce more clothes that are made of ‘textile pulp’ and meet the requirements of the textile industry. The global demand for textiles is currently roughly 90 million tonnes per year, but this is expected to increase by three to four percent per year. This situation is untenable, and calls for enviro-smart solutions. re:newcell AB has developed a new technique for resource recycling, in which old jeans and t-shirts are turned into new textile pulp that meets the industry’s requirements. Up until now, it has not been possible to make new, high-quality textiles from recycled material. Increasing the amount of natural materials by extending the life of already-existing resources is a high priority among both consumers and large fashion companies. The construction is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2017.

Picture: ‘The Yellow Dress’, the world’s first garment made of recycled cotton.