As of this fall, the organization of Smart Textiles will undergo some changes. Most importantly, a fresh recruitment to reinforce Business Innovation, Company Driven Projects – Lena-Marie Jensen.

Lena-Marie Jensen has a position at Aspens on her CV and her latest employer was Borgstena Group AB. After 20 years in the business, she has a solid background in the textile industry and, in addition, she holds a degree from the Swedish School of Textiles.
– I have a degree from the Textile Economics program and since I graduated I have done a lot of product development and work in various projects. My previous assignments involved design account management at Borgstena where I worked directly with

Lena-Marie Jensen

customers. Among many other tasks, one was to see to it that Borgstena, primarily, reached the design goals.

After 12 years at Borgstena, she left the company to work with company driven projects in Smart Textiles.
– I am looking forward to collaborating with companies and the University College to promote the enterprising spirit and increase the economic growth of the region. Working with smart textiles makes it even more exciting. Many of the projects we work with aim to make life easier for people and that is important, Lena-Marie Jensen concludes.

Further changes

Another change to the organization of Smart Textiles is that we have been given both new and old help inMats Nordqvist, who works with Company Driven Projects together with Lena-Marie Jensen for the duration of Susanne Nejderås’s parental leave. From October 1st, Josefin Damm will also work with Company Driven Projects.

As of this summer, Susanne Edström works half-time as Region Västra Götaland’s representative to the European network CrossTexNet. Susanne will handle matters regarding internationalization and innovation pertaining to Smart Textiles, e.g. through the project Entrepreneurs driven innovation.

Tina Ahlström, administrative coordinator at Smart Textiles, will as of this summer work more with Smart Textiles than before: 80% compared to the previous 50%. When not working with Smart Textiles, Tina Ahlström works as a research secretary at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

Therese Rosenblad is a public relations officer/web editor and shares her time between Smart Textiles (40%) and the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås (60%).

Anna Valtersson is coordinator at the Prototype Factory and works with the Textile Material Library and is involved in building up the “Testing Lab”.

Written by: Therese Rosenblad