Press Images


Press images below are all free for publication mentioning Smart Textiles. Please also mention the photographer’s name. Click on the images to download. The pictures are in jpg – format with a resolution in 300 dpi.

Susanne Nejdera╠ès-sv Susanne Nejderås, Managing Director, Smart Textiles. Photographer: Ida Lindström


Erik Bresky-svErik Bresky, Process Manager, Smart Textiles. Photographer: Ida Lindström


st_valda_delia_2015__mg_6036Delia Dumitrescu, Head Of Design Lab. Photographer: Ida Lindström


Nils-Krister Persson-svNils-Krister Persson, Head Of Technology Lab. Photographer: Ida Lindström


st_valda_mats_2015__mg_6208Mats Johansson, Head Of Prototype Factory. Photographer: Ida Lindström

 showroom2 (1)
Smart Textiles Textile Showroom where you can find prototypes from Smart Textiles different projects. Photographer: Anna Sigge


For more press images, contact Moa Nilsson