PressCise hits the Swedish market

Based on research and an interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of vascular surgery, mathematics and technical textiles, PressCise has developed and is now ready to sell an innovative compression bandage which applies a defined pressure, intended for use in the healthcare sector and sports applications. The bandage is elastic and has a visual indication system for effective and reliable application and maintenance of a predefined degree of compression. It also features an entirely new opening/fastening system.

A bandage needs to be wrapped with a specific pressure, which is often difficult to accomplish. PressCise will thus be of great help to people who undergo compression therapy after, for example, varicose vein surgery. The bandage’s unique textile material in combination with a visual application guide makes it easy to apply correctly; when the line on the bandage is straight, it has been wrapped with the correct pressure, regardless of the size and shape of the patient’s leg.

The project is a collaboration between Smart Textiles and PressCise.

Read more about the bandage at presscise.com