Per-Olof Hygren to chair the Steering Group

Smart Textiles proudly presents Per-Olof Hygren, who becomes the new chair of the Smart Textiles Steering Group at the turn of the year. With his solid background, strong local connections and crystal-clear connection to the textile industry, Per-Olof is the right man for the job.

Five questions to Per-Olof Hygren:

Who are you?
– I’m 64 years old and I’ve done quite a few things in my life. Currently, I’m on the boards of several textile companies and I was the managing director of Fristads (today Kwintet) for almost two decades.

What was your reaction to being offered the position as chairman of the Smart Textiles Steering Group? 
– I must say I was surprised! The work ahead promises to be very interesting and developing.

What do you think is the reason you were offered this position? 
– It is most likely due to my extensive experience and long service in the business. And the fact that I’m from Borås: my contacts may prove very useful to Smart Textiles.

How will your knowledge and experience influence the position of Smart Textiles in the future? 
– That’s not an entirely easy subject to speculate on. I would, however, like to focus on the commercial aspects of the projects and have them reach a wider audience.

Do you see any potential for development in Smart Textiles? 
– I see great potential in the, for Scandinavia, unique and creative environment.

Text: Rebecca Lindholm