The Media Lab

In this lab, the latest digital technology is gathered, aiding in the development of advanced and unique prototypes on a small scale.

In this way, first-rate research that attracts both national and international expertise in technology and design is conducted. The lab has a body scanner and a 3D printer that, based on precise designs made using CAD software, constructs and prints finished models. Laser cutters punch/cut exact patterns and details, and can also be used for engraving. There are also InkJet printers that can use dispersion inks for sublimation on polyester, and pigments on various materials. Using supercritical carbon dioxide it is possible to dye in a dry process, without water. Heat presses in different designs are used in curing prints, thermal fixation, pleating, vacuum forming and lamination. The Media Lab has a limited capacity to accept external requests.

Examples of what has been developed

Pre-impregnated, semi-manufactured composites and 3D printed prototypes