The Fibre Lab

A complete chain for the development of both yarns and nonwoven fibre materials. In this lab, there are machines for staple fibres that card, stretch and ringspin, and a needlepunching machine for nonwoven materials.

We can also develop thermoplastics through the compounding, extrusion and melt-spinning of fully-drawn fibres. The Fibre Lab is used both for research and in various projects in which there is a need to, for example, develop yarns which are then used in composites. The Fibre Lab also has a role in our work with sustainability, as it allows the ability to spin with recycled fibres. It is an important link in the chain from fibre to finished textile/garment.

Examples of what has been developed

Hybrid yarns for biocomposites, new cellulose-based fibre materials, flame-proof synthetic fibres, yarns made from new polymers.