The Knitting Lab

This is where elastic materials are developed on both circular and flat knitting machines. Thanks to our dedicated technicians, there is no need to be an expert in tricot in order to realise your ideas.

Fabrics are made using circular knitting machines and, in the Knitting Lab, we can assist you in developing double/interlocking Jersey with large and small patterns, as well as rib-knitted, plush and single Jersey materials of varying thicknesses. One of our latest additions is a circular knitting machine for very slim dimensions. The lab also has a special machine, of which there are only five in the world, which can knit in stiff materials. The Knitting Lab also has hand knitting machines for flat knitting, allowing the testing of different constructions. Fully-fashioned prototypes of sweaters, gloves, synthetic blood vessels and other items are made in flat knitting machines.

Examples of what has been developed

Synthetic blood vessels, metal fabrics, implants, technical materials used in medical measurement devices.