The Finishing Lab

If you are looking to develop products and ideas within textile chemistry, the Finishing Lab presents you with unique opportunities.

Among other things, you will be assisted in performing pilot studies in a 25-55 cm wide stenter with two heaters, which has been adapted for industrial production. The stenter is equipped to coat materials using different techniques, such as knife-coating with paste or foam. It is possible to print a single-colour pattern through rotary screen printing.  The stenter is also equipped with a foulard, which is used for the water-proofing of textiles. There is also a dyeing machine for the dyeing, pre-treatment and finishing of fabrics and garments of smaller sizes and, using the smaller dyeing machines in our lab, it is possible to apply the same treatments to textiles of up to ten grams. There is also the option to water-proof small material samples with the foulard, and fix the textile in the stenter, as well as to analyse colour through digital colourimetry.

Examples of what has been developed

Materials that change colour and pattern at different temperatures
and lighting conditions. Functionalisation, such as water-repellency, without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.