Business innovation

In Business Innovation, we are connecting industry and research aiming to find new innovations, which improve people’s living and generate new jobs. It sounds awesome – and that is exactly what it is.

Smart Textiles is proud to be a part of an ambitious innovation culture, which through collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector have taken it to a new level. For us, the Companies are a decisive force, without which innovations could never be realized. The development is driven by company-based projects with Smart Textiles as a coordinating party.

Our research environment, with full-scale machine parks, tutoring resources and expertise in academia, institutes and industry, is an opportunity for you to get more energy into your product development. Additionally, we offer seminars so that you as a company can meet and discuss ideas about research projects.

In conclusion, Smart Textiles contributes to your company’s progress in various development areas with a focus on textile processes. Awesome, right?