Marjan presenterar sitt examensarbete

Life and death was the theme when master student Marjan Kooroshnia presented her degree thesis “Dash” on the 26th of October. Through her butterfly installations she wants to show how smart textiles possibilities can find new uses. In this case as communication platforms.

Throughout her education, Smart Textiles financed master student Marjan Kooroshnia has experimented and worked with thermo-chromatic colours – that is, colours that change according to temperature. In her degree thesis she wants to combine the exploration of new areas of use for smart textiles with her special expertise.

“Even if the items I am showing are art installations, the art is not the main issues. The chief purpose is to clearly demonstrate how smart textiles possibilities can be used.”

Free Interpretation

A lot of work has gone into the degree thesis. Since she wants the butterflies to communication by shaking their wings and changing colours, the choice of material and method mattered a lot.

Butterflies’ wings are in different size and are candidates of all living creatures including human in society living their own daily life.

“In a way, audience can communicate with them by touching them. Emotions of audiences convey as energy” she says.


After touching the butterflies’ wings, the wings start to shake for a few seconds; simultaneously their colours will be changed as their reaction.

“The butterflies are printed with thermo-chromatic colour and there are copper threads glued to them. Every other butterfly has a positive charge and every other a negative charge,” she explains.

When a butterfly has been touched too many times it ‘dies’ and drops into the flowerbed below.

“My theme is life and death, represented by the butterflies. But I don’t want to decide beforehand how their colour and communication is interpreted. Each person should get to make their own interpretation.”

During her examination, just some parts of the colour changing effect worked, due to problems with electricity. “I developed the electrical part in Iran. But as I was plugging in my installation here in Sweden it turned out the outlets couldn’t cope with the same power as back home.”


PhD Student

Marjan Kooroshnia has been working as a PhD student at the Swedish School of Textiles since the start of the fall term. She wants to continue exploring the thermo-chromatic colours, but she is going over to low temperatures.

“I would also like to continue with the butterflies and finding new ways of getting them to fly away. Hopefully I will have to experiment with that too.”

Written by: Therese Rosenblad
Photo: Filip Asphäll