Money rain over new weaving process 

Siw Eriksson är glad för de 20 000 kronor som hennes och Lena Berglins företag Quintex vann under Espira Tillväxtcup

The company QuinTex has experienced a sudden increase in funds over the last few days. Last week,  Lena Berglin and Siw Eriksson’s company received a total of 120 000 SEK in grants. On the 23rd of November, they were awarded an additional 300 000 SEK by Vinnova.

QuinTex is a technology development company started by Lena Berglin and Siw Eriksson, researchers at the Swedish School of Textiles and Smart Textiles.

The company develops a new type of manufacturing process for development of resource-smart, three-dimensional textile structures. In order to do this, they will convert a weaving machine to be able to handle more complex development processes.
– The old weaving machines have functions that work so well we don’t want to build an entirely new one. Instead, we want add more applications to allow it to handle production of technical and functional products, Siw Eriksson says.


Last week, QuinTex was one of the companies that won the “Espira growth cup” and received an award on the 18th of November. They were awarded 5 000 SEK for “Best business concept from the University of Borås” and also the “Swedbank Sjuhärad’s growth award”, worth 15 000 SEK. The day before, they had received information that they had been awarded 100 000 SEK by the foundation Curamus.
– With this funding, we will be able to bring in resources who can help us “cover more ground”. We would really like for our company to step up the pace a bit.

This Tuesday, the 23rd of November, they received another grant of 300 000 SEK. The aim of the “VINN NU” grant of Vinnova is to support newly started companies the business concept of which is based on results gained through research and development.
– Naturally, the money means a lot but we mostly consider it a confirmation that the idea we work on is a good one. It’s a really good encouragement, Siw Eriksson concludes.

Footnote: On Monday the 22nd of November, Lena Berglin received another 500 000 SEK from Vinnova, although this time the money was connected to her personally in her role as a researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles/Smart Textiles.

Text: Therese Rosenblad
Photo: Thomas Larsson